Truth is So Hard- Sad Story in English

What we thought about our life is not the thought of God. He thought Something Different about life. The Same Story Happened with Asim and Archana. Today in this Story you can learn how life can change your every thought and show you all the Truth. This is a Very Interesting Story. I hope you enjoy this Sad Story. So without wasting time, read Carefully.
Truth is So Hard- Sad Story
My name is Asim (Modified Name). I'm from Kolkata. I'm 23 years previous. I've completed M.B.A and am doing a job in one of the much-reputed companies in our area. After I was in M.B.A, I began loving the girl of my class whose name was Archana. She was very lovely and attractive I used to be so involved in a relationship together with her that I didn't think about another girl and her emotions for me had been also true. Our friendship continued in M.B.A and even after that.

Family time with Archana

After her M.B.A, she joined a job in an organization and her dad and mom began finding a suitable man for her. As I used to be in love together with her, I wished to marry her. So as soon as I discussed Archana with my parents for the wedding. They mentioned that if I just like the girl then they don't have any objection relating to that as my dad and mom are very broad-minded. I felt quite joyful at the moment and the luckiest particular person on the earth. I conveyed this information to Archana, she too felt extraordinarily joyful as she too was excited about me.

Now I said Archana to discuss me in her family. As her dad and mom had been of very orthodox views so she all the time scared to discuss me in her family. So it was my flip to do one thing to persuade her parents for her marriage with me. So to start with, I convinced my father for getting into Archana’s together with me in order that he might ask for Archana’s hand for me. My papa got prepared as my papa is the sweetest papa on the earth.

The Marriage Time

So I would like together with my father in Archana’s so. I had informed Archana someday earlier that I'll come of their residence together with my dad. But she was taking it very lightly and was considering that I used to be telling lie so, the subsequent day, once I reached close to her residence’s gate; she was shocked to see me with my father. She greeted my father and went contained in the room. Papa and I went to their drawing room and informed us to sit down on the couch and requested about our selves. My papa introduced himself and informed them that he has come of their residence as a result of he likes their daughter and wants to get her married along with her son. (Pointing at me). I used to be very nervous and was constantly considering what could be their response about it. His father inquired about my family, property, residence and at last about me and to great surprise gave approval to my papa’s need. I felt very joyful then Archana was introduced within the room. She was wanting a lot nervous however when she got here to know that her Papa has bought prepared for her marriage with me, she felt relaxed and funky. So by my efforts, I used to be able to win the heart of her parent’s and they got ready to get her daughter married to me.

Last Truth of My Life 

But destiny had written one thing else in my face. Our engagement’s date was mounted. We had dreamt many goals for the engagement and planned so much but sadly, two days earlier than the date of our engagement, my beloved had an accident when she was coming from her working place to her residence. She was taken to the hospital. Her situation became very crucial and we shifted her in one other hospital. I used to be continuously praying to God for saying her however she died there. That day was essentially the most sorrowful do for me as I felt that I lost all the things which I had got till that age. I did like a lot of efforts as I might do but destiny had some another want. Which I used to be supposed to obey.

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