A Sad Music Lover- A Sad Love Story in English

Welcome Friends to a New Love Story, not a Love Story But a Real Music Love Story. It is Story of School Girl and his Love thoughts towards his Music Teacher, But She Has No Idea that what God's thought for her, You will Surprise by reading this Sad Love Story. It Starts with Music and ends also with Music. I hope you love to read this Story, Comment the best Line of Love in the Comment and what's your thought on this Interesting Story, So without wasting any time Let's Get into the Post.
Sad Love Story 2020

My Sweet introduction

My name is Snehalata (modified name). I'm in real love with my music teacher. I'm Seventeen years old and learning in a convent school in Raipur. My father is a Government officer and mom is a housewife. I've one sister who's elder to me. I Love to Listen to Music and had a thought to learn music. So I informed me, father, that I wish to attend coaching lessons of music. But my father advised me that he would interact with a tutor for me for the music lessons who would are available our residence to show me. My father introduced me to the Music Teacher who was keen to show me music at residence. After taking teaching lessons from him, my curiosity within the music began growing much more. He taught me music with a lot of affection, love, care, and sympathy. I used to ask the questions many times but he ( My Teacher ) by no means got angry. Within a few days, I began liking him (My Teacher ) as he was very good-looking. My love for him was true and so Pure. Once I was in his firm in my residence that was the very best time of my life. I had even taken his phone number and I used to name him even with none function.

How Love Relation Started!

My dad and mom have been not at all conscious of it. After some days. I began feeling as if I've fallen in love with him. Usually, I felt that I've to turn into more thinking about him than the music lessons I had not the knowledge about his family. Sooner or later I used to be ready for him on the normal timing however he didn't come. I felt very upset and thought that what would occur once I would study every part about music and my music lessons can be stopped and that tutor wouldn't come within the residence. So I planned that I've to tell about my emotions for him. So the very next day, when he got here, 

The Shocking Fact

I proposed him for friendship without pondering something. He got upset and informed me that he's married and can't do friendship with me. I used to be stunned to know that he was married. I saved excited about it for the entire night however my emotions for him didn't improve even slightly after realizing about his marriage. Somewhat I began feeling jealousy kind his wife for having such a pleasant and good-looking husband. When he got here the following day, I informed him that it doesn't matter for me if he's married or single and advised frankly that I've not to reply at all. I got frustrated and went into the kitchen and drank a glass of water. Once I got here within the room, he was taking a look at me and he defined very sympathetically why he couldn't do friendship with me. I lost control over myself and I planted a kiss on his cheek. My Music Teacher got angry and requested me for behaving correctly. After that, he got again into his residence. Once I called him, he didn't pick up my name and even didn't come the following day for educating me. I still love him and my love for him is totally true. Please recommend me guys what should I do now.

No Idea for Next Time-Sad Love Story

My Love Towards Him is Growing more and more I Never Forget Him, I Don't Know what is his Thought on me, But I Still Love Him, Each and Every day along with Every night I Sleep I Dreamed about Him. I Pray to God where he lived, God makes him Happy and always give a Happy Smile on His Face. So this is the Sad Story of My Love, I think you like my story. I Have no idea what to do next, give me any Suggestions if you have in the Comment.

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