The Office Love Story of Amrit and Shruti - Love Story in English

This a Story of Two Same age Officemate who meet in office and Fall in Love But there is a very Big Problem came in Their Love. Read the Full Office Love Story and you will Learn what is The Problem and How the Love Between two people happened in Office and Grow the Love in the Phone. So without wasting Time Read the Romantic Love Story.
Love Story of Amrit and Shruti

Introduction of Love

My name is Amrit (Changed Name ). I used to be working as a Software programmer. It was my weekend and I went to my good friend’s house on holidays. I met one girl there. She was wanting too good and really down to earth in nature. Her title was Shruti (Changed Name ). I talked to her. She was doing an internship in Java. We principally talked about our topics. She used to speak and almost discussed in regards to the logic used in creating Software. I had a nice discussion with her.

The Conversation from Friends to Lovers 

It was my last vacation and I moved again to my job.

I talked to her: – Shruti! That is my final vacation. At present, I've to return to my job.

She replied: – Okay! Joyful journey!!

I said: – How we might talk now?

That is my number. Please reserve it. Should you ever wanted to speak to me, then do call me on this number.

She said: – Okay! When you'll be free from work?

I replied: – At all times free for you!

She looked at me.

I said: – Haha! Don’t fear yar. I’m all the time free for friends.

She replied: – Okay

I was leaving and she was looking at me.

I mentioned: – bye! Take care.

She answered: – You too take care!

I came to the office and joined my work.

At night I noticed her text on the phone.

She messaged: – How are you? How was your journey? It's Shruti right here!

I replied: – It was okay and good. You say how was your coaching? Are you getting the methods in developing software programs?

She said: – Sure!

Okay, Amrit sir! I’m going to sleep.

I mentioned: – Hey discuss to me such as you discuss with your different friends. Name me with my title solely. Say Amrit!

She said: – You're senior so I used the “sir” phrase.

I answered: – No need to say this.

She replied: – Okay Amrit and she made the smiley face after it.

I too smiled and advised her: – Okay Shruti you're taking rest now. You need to go to your coaching in the morning.

She said: – Yeah okay bye! Good night time.

I: – okay Good night time.

On this method, we often discuss with one another within the free timings. She used to debate with me her entire day work. She is known as me and instructed me about her actions like what she did today? She also appreciated speaking to her at her free office timings, at lunchtime and once I went to Office. Our routine was identical and we spent a lot of time on the phone. We each talked loads and liked to speak a lot with one another. Someday she instructed me that she goes to her relative’s dwelling so could also be she wouldn't discuss a lot. She can be in roaming. And likewise, there are her cousin sisters and cousin brothers so she has to spend time with them.

I mentioned: – Okay! You take pleasure in your time nicely.

Now that was the day I used to be missing her lot as a complete day spent and I didn't discuss to her.

I considered massaging her however I believed it was not a great opinion. I left to her that she would message me if she can be free.

The day was over and I went to mattress.

The next day I noticed her message.

I replied: – How are you?

She said: – I’m good! You say?

I said: – I’m not. I missed you a large number yesterday.

She told: – I too missed you.

I replied: – Hey I such as you.

She: – I used to be ready to pay attention to it from you.

I: – I simply sent the smiley face.

She too replied the same.

Our Family Program

After Somedays, we Proposed Eachother then Fall in Love, I Propose Her in My Office and my office becomes a Part Sport, Everyone makes so Much Noise then Spend Times each other. Now we each are in real love and shortly we'll discuss with our Family for our marriage and try to make a Happy Family.

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