A Beautiful Love Night - Romantic Love Story in English

It is a Romantic Story in a Train where two Unknown People Meet and The Conversation between them Force Two Heart to Fall in Love for Eachother. I hope you like this Great Love Story. This is a Romantic Story full of Emotion and Romantic Feelings. So without wasting any time get into the Post.
Beautiful Love Night
Anurupa was on her first day to office traveling in the metro from Hitech city to Bangalore. This was her first time in Karnataka. Anurupa was a courageous lady who might manage issues on her own. Although it was her first time to Hyderabad, she managed to care for herself. She’s a flaunting beauty in her personal manner, a dusky, charming, extrovert who makes easily with people. People like to be around her. She might draw anybody’s attention along with her jovial childish attitude. On her first day to the office, she was sporting a Red Kurti with blue leggings and a loosely tied hair; she was superb without any make-up.

Romantic Love Story

As it was 8.30 in the morning the metro was so crowded that she couldn’t afford herself a spot to sit down. Holding the string of metro she was looking at the stops, immediately a wise man with a white shirt and blue jean got into the metro drawing Anurupa’s attention. He was a good looking simple man named Soumya Ranjan. Soumya Ranjan not like Anurupa's Attitude. Anurupa without figuring out the place to get down asked Soumya Ranjan about stopping. As soon as the stop arrived each went in different directions to fulfill in the same place. Luckily or sadly each of them had been working for a similar company. As quickly as they each noticed each other on the conference hall a small smile struck their lips. As soon as everything was done, they got here to know one another as they had been also put together in the same group.

Hello, I’m Soumya Ranjan!” He introduced himself to everybody.
Hello, I’m Anurupa!” She introduced herself.

The unknown journey of two hearts started at the moment. Days passed by Anurupa drew everybody’s attention by her jovial attitude, But, it was Soumya Ranjan who drew Anurupa’s attention by his introvert attitude. Soumya Ranjan often isolates himself from the group, he likes to take a seat in a corner throughout free times along with his hot cup of tea and a few good kinds of music. Somehow Anurupa was attracted in the direction of Soumya Ranjan. Slowly, she initiated the dialog with Soumya Ranjan throughout their breaks. Per week handed by they each began turning into buddies. Each used to journey collectively in the identical metro, he used to get down earlier than she stops. This metro journey continued for every week. Anurupa was interested in roaming locations; she planned for an outing with friends on a Sunday after a month of office. Shriya, Ravi, Soumya Ranjan, Priyanka, and Anurupa went on an outing to a themed cafe, as soon as accomplished with their coffee and snack all parted to their properties. Anurupa wished to fill the day with some extra explorations; sadly nobody was able to accompany her as everybody had been entitled to their work. She wished no less than Soumya Ranjan would accompany her, however to her unlucky he couldn’t assist her. She made her thoughts to get again house, she took her normal metro after everybody left.

Interesting Love Story

On reaching her stop she found Soumya Ranjan ready for her at her stopping. She was shocked to see Soumya Ranjan there, he advised that he sensed the frustration in her eyes so; he planned to take her to an attractive spot. She was overwhelmed to listen to this from Soumya Ranjan. They immediately took one other metro. The metro was overcrowded, they needed to stand, each had been standing opposite dealing with one another. Anurupa was on a cool frock hair tangled, Soumya Ranjan on the opposite side was along with his shorts and his flip flop wanting cool. Within the crowd between the push and push, their arms tangled with every other. She got here near him, he slowly caught maintain of her waist as the group pushed, he was defending her by covering her round her arms. The cold feel and the delicate music within the metro carried their emotions for each other. A platonic untold love story opened. The journey began in the metro without knowing one another to realize one another’s silence.

September 12th
It has nearly been two months of Soumya Ranjan and Anurupa being together. Anurupa at all times had real emotions for Soumya Ranjan whereas Soumya Ranjan had untold emotions for Anurupa. They had been an ironic couple. Anurupa decided to do some shopping for her family before leaving to her hometown, she requested Soumya Ranjan to hitch along with her as she was new to the place. It was her first outing all alone with Soumya Ranjan. Anurupa was on cloud 9 as quickly as he accepted her request; he determined to go on a buying along with her. As usual, Anurupa took a metro from her place and reached her meeting stop, the place they'd a coincidental meet of Anurupa coming from the left aspect and Soumya Ranjan from the best side. Anurupa confirmed all her joyful expressions by her eyes. She was so cool along with her blue t-shirt and jogger on that day and a coincidence of their dressing additionally occurred, he was dressed with a blue shirt and light blue denim looking gorgeous that took away Anurupa’s eyes. Anurupa was feeling so hungry as quickly as she bought down, with a babyish face she requested Soumya Ranjan to take her to some cafe, he immediately fell for her look and took her to a nearby meals court, they served themselves with chole kulcha and samosa.

Latest Love Story in English

As soon as, after their meals, they took an extended stroll in the direction of the buying streets the place Anurupa bought a lot of stuff for her family. After her buying they determined to go to Hussain Sagar lake the place they'd high-quality time together, it was the very best day of Anurupa’s life. They got here to know lots about one another on that day. The night breeze was driving them to a romantic state; before they might express their emotions the rain started pouring down. Anurupa took her small umbrella instantly and they managed to go together in that. It was a fantastic really feel the place her hand was inside his, their eyes met at a shorter distance, the unknown emotions started reciprocating slowly. It was so romantic where she was partially drenched within the rain and he was admiring her. As soon as after the rain stopped they decided to go away again to their respective locations. They once more planned to take a metro, on the metro station they took opposite directions to take their metros, they shook arms before leaving, it was hard for them to part each other but they had moved, sadly. They noticed one another once standing opposite whereas ready for his or her metros. The breezy climate took their moods to a romantic feel; it was once more a romantic night with untold emotions.

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