The True Friendship Between Two little Boy- Rakesh and Prateek

Friendship is a Gift of God. it is So true, Real and Pure, It Has No religion, no difference, and no Up and Downside of Society. It may be between a Boy or a girl or boy and boy. Both Friend spend time together and Stand for each other in their bad time or a good time. Do all the good work along with bad work, they fight for each other or fight each other. This is a Story like this where two friends meet eventually and make a Strong Bond and show the Society the Power of true or Real Friendship.
True Friendship Story

Introduction of Two friends

Presenting in front of you a brief story about the True friendship of two friends Rakesh and Prateek a motivational friendship story with morals and Story of True Friendship. It Start In a small village, there was once two friends whose age is 7 and 13. Each lived on the same road. The name of seven years old is Rakesh and 13 years old is Prateek.

They both Meet became friends by chance, but their friendship has grown stronger daily by their choice. They began doing all of the things together like taking part in, eating, sleeping, and even roaming. Rakesh is smarter than Prateek but Prateek is stronger than Rakesh. Rakesh is very lean and skinny and the other is Prateek. In the future, they have been playing hide and seek. Running one after another each entered the forest which is close to to the village. They engaged in their sport and didn’t discover that they have been in the forest.

God's Exam in Friendship

Suddenly Prateek was slipped into the pit while running. Prateek began shouting asking for help. Rakesh instantly ran to Prateek.without wasting even a minute he brought a rope nearby and gave it’s one finish to Prateek and requested him to carry. Rakesh tried for hours collectively to drag Prateek from the pit. He was not given up and keep attempting with the help of one other finish of the rope. Lastly, after attempting for three hours Prateek got here out of the pit. Each the chums hugged one another, cried, and smiled then began towards the house.

We will say that their friendship is powerful. You may assume that that is the top of the story but the true story began now. Dad and mom of Rakesh and Prateek getting tensed that their kids are not there. All of the neighbors began trying to find kids all around the village. Kids are nowhere discovered and other people began getting frightened about the kids as it's getting dark outside. Rakesh and Prateek arrived within the village and other people began shouting about their whereabouts. Dad and mom hugged their kids and requested them the place did they go. Prateek began saying the entire thing that had occurred within the forest. Nobody within the crowd believed their phrases. One person asked Rakesh that ” you quick boy, how one can assist a person who's double your measurement and weight?”

Then Rakesh confidently replied, ” with the help of rope”.

Once more Rakesh’s mom requested the identical query to him, he replied the same. Prateek’s father shouted at each Rakesh and Prateek and scolded them saying that “.Don’t inform tales to us, you've done a lot of drama stop all these and by no means repeat.” Rakesh tried to speak, but, no one is able to give attention. Than a Baba close by got here near to the crowd and listened to kids silently. People mentioned that kids live, but Baba who listened to all the things said: ” no matter kids saying is totally true”.

The Final Truth in Friendship

A girl within the crowd who strongly believes in Baba requested: ” how baba, how Rakesh can take Prateek from the pit, Rakesh is barely 5 years?”Baba replied, ” Rakesh is ready to Help Prateek only because- no one was there to tell that you cannot do it. Then everybody in the crowd felt ashamed of their habits and left the place.

So, the thing about this story is there are two issues that may cease you from reaching your aim. One is people around you who say ” You Can't do it…” and the other is “You – your self.”First, belief in your self, there's nothing you can't do your self. Everything is feasible in this world if in case you have strong dedication. By no means really feel that you don’t have the aptitude to do issues since you by no means know what wonders you can also make. By no means take heed to the individuals who discourage you as a result of they'll preserve quiet when you achieved your Purpose. So, be Strong and do work as a result of Hard work Leads to Success.

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