Sad Feelings of a Girls' Heart - Story in English

A Girl never shares his True Feelings with Anyone. The Feelings of Girs' Heart is so Pure and so Real. Here in this Story, you can Find the Same type of Real Feelings of a Girl towards a Cute Boy. But Gods' Thought is Something Or. But there is a Hidden Secret in this Story. This an Interesting Story of Love. please read the Story carefully and Comment on the Best line that you love in this Story.
Sad Story Love in English

School Love Story in English

So, it was the start of my class Eight, well my school had two branches and the courses from eight were in a different part. Now we needed to go by bus to a distant space from the main city where the senior part was situated. The first day I got here to know my class part was changed, I belonged to part b and a lot of the students in that part had been new to me. In the third period, our Physics teacher asked a question which I don’t bear in mind however I do bear in mind the strong and candy voice of the one that answered it. He was the boy with 7 fingers. He was long, good, and all the pieces. But the factor was he was sitting in again row so I couldn’t see him although his voice was one thing I keep in mind until now.

Sad Story in English

He came from a village close to the school, by cycle. The next day he sat nearly next to my desk, and I might now completely see him. I used to be good at studies so not much but I was well-known in my class and he knew me, that was what I believed. It was very new to me, a new feeling .that need to see him first after getting into the class and looking out him within the lunchtime. It began during our Chemistry lessons. I don’t know why but we like to use to stare at one another and smile on a regular basis .we never talked to one another, only used to ask some random bookish questions. His smile was like rain from heaven. I had never stared at someone like that before. I mean I had some crushes but none of them had been so strongMostly the times when our English teacher used to read novels, everybody used to hear and only we used to stare continuously. He used to blush every time he talked to me and me too. Even in spite of everything this neither he got the courage to precise his emotions nor me. Could also be he did express but I ignored. It was the tip of class and we had been ready for our class to exit and I did hear him saying I really like you in my again smiling at me, but it was in front of his mates, I assumed that as a joke but maybe it was not.
The story has not ended as lots of you would be thought.
In class 10 we never talked.
Because my so-called friends gave me the precious recommendation to make him my brother by tying a rakhi on his arm and at the moment being a boyfriend or girlfriend was a mark for being dangerous and not smart. It was like signing your self in teachers' dangerous books. So I did what they said .ah h I still remorse that. Although I never tied the rakhi I did place it on history wrist after which ran away from there. Entire class 10th we had been awkward. Although the staring was still on. I had now extra strong emotions for him now than earlier than. At any time when any trainer used to talk roughly with him, I used to really feel dangerous. So after this school drama, in 11th once I thought I lost contact with him I didn’t. What occurs in India is that after 10th for 11th and 12th we take teaching. So I also got into teaching. He was not there in beginning months however then sooner or later the same voice I heard gave me goosebumps. I was so comfortable inside.

Interesting Love Story

Although we never talked but his voice and appearance used to make comfortable. It was like a particular feeling. He did try speaking to me. That made my day. These 4 years until 12th had been very particular for me. Never had that feeling after that. I used to assume it was only a crush but maybe it was not. I solely assume good for him and all success to him. Is that this a crush? Maybe it was. But what if it was love, have I lost the love. I don’t know but hope I meet him seem day before my marriage, in order that I might apologize for my childish habits again then and tell him exactly how I really feel for him. Or could also be our this story will keep AMAR as his name was.

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