Hide and Seek between Couple- A Interesting Story

This is The Story of a Couple named Harish and Pratistha and their Rent House with a Strange Person, Let' Get into the Story. Today, Harish is leaving the office a bit earlier as he has to go to a few houses. He's trying to find a home to be taken upon rent as he has been married to Pratistha for the last 4 months and still staying at his bachelor's room because he couldn't find a place that will be appropriate for each of them.
Hide_and Seek- Interesting_Story_in_English
Hide and Seek- Interesting Story in English

Interesting Story in English

Harish who has been working as a criminal offense reporter in a well-known publication is a scholar and actually, a clever man though brought up at an orphanage. He fell in love with Pratistha who's a creative author at an advertising company. Pratistha’s dad and mom didn't agree on her marriage with Harish. Thus, two months again they ran away and bought married without asking for parents’ permission. Each is incomes and independent so, it’s not a lot tough for them to survive within the city. Before Harish leaves the office, his boss summons him. Boss handing over a file briefs him that there is a serial killer within the city nowadays who normally kills young, working girls. Harish has to work on the case and investigate the story. Harish taking over the work leaves for the house.

On the dinner desk,

Pratistha: “Don’t you assume that the rent Price they've fixed is just too high for that home?

Harish: “Sure, I have also the same feeling and actually telling you I didn’t just like the Owner a lot. You need to have seen his expressions whereas he was watching you throughout the negotiation.”

Pratistha: “Come on Harish, it's exaggeration now.”

Harish: “In no way. You don’t fear, I have a few extra locations the place we will verify and can surely finalize by this weekend.”

Each ends the dinner arguing over the land lord’s incorrect angle.

The next night, around 7 p.m. Harish will get a name from Pratistha to select her from her Office. Harish finds a tinge of stress in her voice. Harish picks her from her office and takes her out for ice-cream.

Harish ordering two ice-creams; — “How was the day?”

Pratistha: “A routine one, nothing special.”

Harish: “Are you fearful about something? Is there something that you could inform me of?”

Pratistha: “It isn't that severe however why I don’t know, I really feel somebody is following me since final week. I believed it to be my suspicion however at the moment, I consciously seen that there's this man, carrying a monkey cap, adopted me from our home to office, and watched me till I stepped into the office.”

Harish: “What? Are you severe? Expensive, you don’t know the way harmful it may have been. You should have instructed me earlier.”

Pratistha: “Harmful? I feel that he's only a stalker.

Harish: “No, it will not be that simple. Let me let you know that you simply won't remember a few serial killers killing younger, working girls. He has an identical modus operandi. You should not take threat with any stranger……..”

Finishing his ice-cream, Harish decides to tell the police as quickly as possible. He thinks that he can’t afford to be inadvertent on this matter as it's a few killers in spite of everything. Still, Pratistha tells him to attend for a day or two to verify that the stalker is actually behind her.

The next day, Harish will get prepared a little earlier, leaves, and returns before Pratistha is prepared for Office. He drops Pratistha to Office, instructing her to be careful.

It's round 12:30 p.m. when Pratistha will get a name from the police station close to her workplace. It said that they've caught a person, maybe following her. They need her to return and acknowledge the person. She is a little shocked and calls Harish. He tells her that he too bought a name from the inspector about the identical. He's leaving for the police station quickly.

After some time, each attains to the police station in fear and nervousness. Right here, the inspector informs them that they've arrested a person who's suspected to be following Pratistha. The person was carrying a monkey cap and located sneaking around Pratistha’s workplace. Pratistha is still baffled about how the inspector got here to find out about this disguised stalker. He asks the officer to clear her confusion.

Inspector: “Mr. Harish visited us this morning telling us about this stranger following you since Last week and him additionally knowledgeable us that this man may be the suspect, we're trying to find in the serial killing case. He's a form of a very honest crime reporter. So, we couldn’t take an opportunity to take him lightly. Thus, we set a lure, and right here we now have this man caught.”

Harish asks for the inspector’s permission to see the suspect. Inspector leads them to a cell the place they've imprisoned this man. Pratistha feels a little frightened as she just isn't used to this whole police or crime factor. They attain to the cell the place this man is sitting going through the alternative wall. He appears to be a center-aged man and nobody at first looks can conclude about his being a serial killer.

Inspector tells him to show around. The person turns his face slowly to all of them. As quickly as the person turns spherical and everybody sees his face, Pratistha screams fiercely;


Harish and inspector: “What?” Your father, a serial killer?”

Now, because the inspector involves knowing that he's Pratistha’s father, he orders to take him out and to know what the reality is.

Pratistha: “Papa, what is that this? Have been you following me since last week?

Father: “Sure.”

Harish: “However why?”

Father: “Try to verify that Pratistha is protected and alright. I and her mom got here to find out about a serial killer concentrating on young, working girls in our space. Since that day, we had been anxious about Pratistha……….”

Couple Story

Pratistha, Harish may be taking excellent care of you however in form of circumstances you bought married, we don’t know him so intently but so, he's a stranger to us. That’s what made us fear extra about you. I didn't wish to take any probability in case of your security. Thus, I began following you from office to home and home to the office.”

Pratistha: “You would have instructed me this earlier than. And why is that this monkey cap?”

Father: “I didn’t wish to make Harish notice that I'm this a lot insecure about you or I'm that weak. I didn’t wish to spoil my picture at the entrance of my son-in-law. And I'm a retired financial institution supervisor not a legal so, couldn’t discover something higher than a monkey cap to keep away from somebody acknowledge me.”
Everybody laughs boisterously. Pratistha embraces her father. Harish apologizes for not going to them after marriage. Inspector with all due respect releases him and provides them a journey to a house in his jeep. Pratistha leaves with each of the “strangers” to fulfill her mom, fortunately!

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