The feeling of True Love with Abhishek and Soumya - Love Story

The Feeling of First Love and the Enjoyful Moment between two lovers is So Romantic and Precious. Today in this Story I am Going to Describe you a Story Like this Where you Feel the One side of Love, The Cuteness, The Good Vibe of Love between the Lovers. It is a Story of a Young Boy and a Pretty Girl and Their love. The Indian Village short love story of Abhishek and Soumya. Abhishek starts like Soumya at first look on Facebook. Abhishek understands that love is more necessary than expressing love. Facebook, one of the popular web sites among youth these days. There's hardly anybody who has not heard of it. My story can also be related to this.
Indian College love Story

The College dating and Facebook Meeting

Hai, My name is Abhishek Das from Balasore, India. The final year of Mechanical Engineer there getting a girl may be very rare. but luckily, I Discovered who's Very Lovely and Cute. The story began a few years in the past, She was in my college. Her name was ‘Soumya’. Neither of us knew each other nor had we ever seen each other.
One day, while checking out my Fb, I noticed a good friend of mine ‘Suraj’ had shared one pic together with his mates. Soumya was also within the image. Once I noticed her, I appreciated her at first look, I fell in love with her like by no means earlier than. I requested my pal about Soumya, he mentioned that she is ‘Soumya’ and he or she is my Friend and my classmate too.
She was studying Computer Engineering. I don’t know why but, I liked her very a lot. Just a few days later I dared to ship her ‘Pal Request’ however she didn't settle for my pal request. I felt somewhat bad, however, I forgot that. Just a few days later a cultural fest occurred in our school. The cultural competition at our school was well-known everywhere in the city. Everybody fiercely participated.
I participated in that too. I used to be very keen on singing together with my crew. we ready a track for the performance of the cultural festival.

The drama and cultural program

When the festival occurred, some participants carried out a drama, some danced, and a few entertained individuals via their Jokes. However, our track was completely different. After we narrated our track to the individuals, then each one who was current there, They appreciated our track very a lot. It was raining like applause. By the way, she was also current there however I didn't know this. After a couple of days, while I used to be Scrolling Fb publish, I got a message from Soumya Bajaj. In the message, she praised my track very a lot and praised me as well.

I also replied to her message by writing thanks and praised her beauty. She also appreciated it very a lot. Progressively, we acquired chatting on Fb. We used to speak day and night time. She began to know me and I began to know her. There could be some bitter issues between us and a few candy issues. She also liked to speak to me. There was a time when the day we didn't discuss to each other, the day seemed somewhat incomplete, One thing is lacking in our life.

The Final Love

We had been speaking on Fb for nearly two months. I actually love her from the bottom of my heart however by no means informed her. Someday I dared to share my feeling with her. And at last mentioned, ‘Soumya, I like you a lot, from my Backside of Coronary heart. ‘After studying the message, I acquired no reply. Someday has handed, one other day additionally handed however there was no response, today were very powerful for me. I noticed that possibly I did improper by categorical my emotions to her, a minimum of we had been Good Friends. The very subsequent morning a supply man got here to my home with a present

And said ‘Somebody has sent this Present for you with Great love’ and guy left. I noticed the present, then suddenly my mobile phone beeped, after I shaw, that Soumya’s message on Fb.
It was written within the message that ‘love is more important than expressing love‘. Love is a feeling, there is no such thing as a want to express it. I Love you right from the first day of Mine College.I used to be very glad after reading these massages. As got my first real love that day. The mouth should have been sweet on this, so there have been a lot of chocolates in the present.

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